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Using a rental car from ABC Car Rental adds an ease and convenience to your week. If you are vacationing in Dania Beach, our vehicles will give you the flexibility to visit all the beaches, restaurants, and attractions on your own timetable without putting mileage on your car, dealing with the stress of flagging taxis, or catching public transportation. If you are a Fort Lauderdale native looking for a car to rent while your car is in the repair shop, our huge selection of Florida rental cars will give you plenty to choose from!

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Rent a car in Ft. Lauderdale with ABC Car Rental and you will be shocked by our assortment of deals! We are one of the few rental companies that offers such a great selection of quality vehicles at affordable (and often discounted!) rates.

  • Discount Car Rental Ft Lauderdale


    Get an economy car and both the environment and your pocket book will thank you! The cheapest vehicle, this style is perfect if you want a vehicle that looks great and drives smooth. Don’t let the small size fool you, these economy cars pack a lot of power.

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  • Cheap Car Rental Ft Lauderdale


    A compact car gets amazing gas mileage and is expertly designed to utilize its space well. These are cheap vehicles that will reliably get you and your family where you need to go. If you are searching for efficiency and flexibility, a compact car is for you!

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  • Mid Size Car Rental Ft Lauderdale


    Our mid-size vehicle options blend the spaciousness of a large car with the streamlined look of a smaller vehicle. A mid-size car will give you the best of both worlds at an affordable price!

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  • Full Size Rental Car Ft Lauderdale

    Full Size

    With large seats and plenty of legroom and head clearance, a luxury rental will upgrade your traveling experience. Rent a full-size car and you will never want to get out. In addition to plenty of space for you and your passengers, you can also expect plenty of storage room as well!

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  • Luxury Car Rental Ft Lauderdale


    Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t agree that a luxury car isn’t beautiful. At ABC Car Rental, we have a variety of luxury car rentals for our customers to indulge in.

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  • Convertible Car Rental Ft Lauderdale


    With a convertible car rental you can roll the top down and get a blast of ocean air in just seconds! The Florida sun and breeze will make driving a convertible in Fort Lauderdale that much sweeter.

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ABC has the perfect vehicle for you, whether you want to feel the wind in your face in a convertible or an easy-to-maneuver compact car that will fit into any parking space. Additionally, as an independent rental agency we are one of the few that proudly offer coupons on all of our vehicles, all of which are already available at greatly discounted rates.

Our customer service does not stop with our great rates, either. We go above and beyond and also provide:

• Free pickup & delivery services in local Fort Lauderdale areas (Contact us for details.)
• Long-term vehicle rental terms
• 100 free miles per day to local renters
• A young driver policy – you can rent if you are 21 years or older for a low underage fee

Contact us today at 954-987-6688 to rent a car in Ft Lauderdale or for your trip to Hollywood, Florida. In addition to rental cars, we also have a large selection of van, SUV, and airport rentals. We look forward to serving you in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and even offer easy-to-follow directions from the Fort Lauderdale area airports!

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